• Rachel


    Rachel supports and guides her clients in identifying and working through barriers, building on the strengths they already have and uncovering previously undiscovered talents and skills. By providing a brave and affirming space, free from judgment, she explores the current challenges they face and celebrates the “small wins” of each day. She strives to make each person feel truly seen and heard.

    Since graduating with her Masters from University of Washington School of Social Work in 2012 she has worked with young people ages 10 to 18 in both community and school settings. Her passion and gift is working with young women and she finds great joy in building relationships among groups of young women who can support and nurture one another.

    Rachel works with women. As a mom of three, the past five years of pregnancy and motherhood have shifted her identity as a woman and as a therapist. She is excited to add working with other moms to her therapeutic practice and is dedicated to creating a community of moms who can buttress and care for one another.

    Rachel also is certified in providing The Fair Play Method, a 1:1 workshop series aimed at helping couples who are seeking balance in their household workload. Please click Here to learn more about The Fair Play Method.