• Liz

    MA, LMHC

    Liz Jeppesen specializes in working with children and families to assess and counsel issues of abuse, divorce and the effects of trauma on individuals and the family system.

    Trauma: It is so important to access counseling as soon as a trauma has been identified. Responsive parenting and support is not intuitive. It can be easy to unintentionally react to the trauma of others in a manner that compounds their pain. Counseling provides the knowledge and support to help clients manage their situation with responses that are healing. The informed client has the best opportunity for a good outcome and is in the position to give the gift of healing that is paid forward through generations.

    Family dynamics: If you have experienced dysfunctional parenting or relationships you can foster your own healthy development and introduce healthy dynamics into your life. Your interactive style is like your first language. You are fluent in what your parents taught you but you can learn a second language and change your life.

    Liz uses Psychoeducational and Cognitive-Behavioral therapy to help clients understand the dynamics impacting their relationships and coach personal dynamics that improve their lives and the lives of those they are closest to. Trauma impacts every life and knowing how to address trauma is a key to having a balanced life. Counseling is a learning process of growth. Liz encourages her clients to honor their experiences, celebrate, and find joy in their next best steps.

    Liz has worked in Family Court, Dependency Court and the Juvenile Justice System to help sex offenders, victims of sexual abuse, families experiencing high conflict divorces and adolescent behavioral issues. She has a deep compassion and admiration for clients seeking to address their emotional and psychological challenges. She has the experience and expertise to recognize the difference between mental illness, trauma, substance abuse and learned behavioral issues to guide clients to better outcomes as they move forward.

    Liz grew up in the Seattle area and loves the scenic beauty of the Northwest. She loves the diversity of the area and being able go from camping to a luxury hotel in the city in a few hours.