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    Fair Play Method Series

    What is the Fair Play Method?
    Fair Play is a system created to help couples who are seeking balance in the household workload so that each partner can have more time and space to reclaim, rediscover and nurture the natural gifts and interests that make them uniquely them!

    What is the Fair Play Method Series like?
    1:1 support from a Fair Play Certified Facilitator will help clients effectively implement the Fair Play system. As a Facilitator I will provide accountability, support and customized exercises, activities, and ongoing practices that compliment each clients unique family dynamics and serve their household needs.
    The Fair Play Method will provide couples and partners with:
    • A new vocabulary about home life that speaks to you (finally, you and your partner speaking the same language!)
    • Clearly defined roles and expectations; no longer are you in the dark about who’s doing what
    • Permission to take the lead, including a partner who trusts you implicitly
    • More ownership of the work you do
    • Added (guilt-free) time to pursue friendships and personal interests outside your role as partner/ husband/father
    • A happier partnership that endures
    • A more fulfilling and rewarding parenting experience
    • A boost to your brain plasticity and overall longevity–

    Who is facilitating it?
    Rachel Ford, one of our masters level therapists, will be facilitating the 1:1 sessions and providing participants with her expertise and knowledge. Rachel has a rich history of experience working with families and, as a partnered parent herself, understands the complexity and importance of investing in this domain of your relationship. You can read more about Rachel in her bio HERE (link her bio page)

    What is my investment?
    Initial Package
    6 Sessions ($1400)
    1 90 mins Introduction
    4 60 mins Weekly Sessions
    2 30 mins Check In Sessions (2 weeks/4 weeks)
    Follow Up

    For more information from the creator of The Fair Play Method, please click here: https://www.fairplaylife.com/home-equity-curriculum